Let's Prepare To Bring Your Pet Home.

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Shop For Supplies

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Safe Home Check

30 min

Let's Check For Dangerous House-Hold Items.

When pets are introduced to their new home, they’re very excited to explore! There’s a few house-hold items that are particularly known to cause harm to pets that you can remove to make their first exploration safe.

Step 3

Training 101

15-30 min

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First 24 Hours: Puppy

First 24 Hours: Dog Rescue

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Our First Pet

Did we miss anything? Do we have everything we need? It’s something that we couldn’t stop worrying about when we were preparing for our chocolate lab Moose to come home. We read blogs to gather list of supplies and roamed the aisles of pet stores to wonder which of the 100’s of collars were right for our new family member. We just wanted to get everything right for Moose and we know you feel the same for your new family member. At Petprep we’re here to give guidance from experience so you can enjoy all the excitement in this new chapter for your family.

From Our Team & Moose, Congrats!

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